Water Technology Initiative Programme WTI

The various technology types

Water Technology Initiative Programme WTI

Water Technology Initiative Programme WTI


Technology Development Scheme



Water Technology Initiative, set up in August 2007 seeks to promote R&D activities targeted at providing safe drinking water at price that is inexpensive and in enough quantity using appropriate Technology and Science interventions developed through indigenous efforts. Since quality will be the primary factor of safe drinking water, tasks which imply nano material and filtration technologies are centered. The effort comes with the pilot tests of reputable amount of things and referencing of selected solutions on the social context of the program region.

In pursuance of directives of Hon’ble Supreme Court, Technology Mission on Winning, Renovation and also Augmentation (WAR) for Water is released in August 2009 to undertake research led solutions, by way of a coordinated strategy, to emerge with technical choices for several water challenges in various regions of the country



Department has created information network that is essential for evolving customized technical solutions for water problems suited to certain interpersonal context. Recognising the enormous value of the expertise developed, ongoing demand for technological and scientific inputs & awareness acquired throughout the course of setup of R&D activities for dealing with water issues while in the course of implementation of Technology Mission: Winning, Renovation and Augmentation of Water, the department proposes to keep the first step with vigour to cultivate synergies with global and national R&D institutions, state governments, other stakeholders and central ministries. The activities of WAR for Water now are incorporated with Water Technology Initiative. The implementation strategy is a blend of the Mission applied by DST plus effort mounted by DST.


Objectives and aims: This pro active India – centric’ solution science’ endeavour is designed to enhance the R&D capacity and power to produce the technical solutions for present and emerging water problems facing the nation.


Promote national and collaborative developmental Research to deal with common and emerging water challenges

Capacity building of investigation experts and water managers

Evolve methodology for development of customised solutions suitable for cultural context

Develop synergies with line departments at Central/ State level for last mile connectivity of re-search findings

Evolve S&T based alternative models with business and suggest suitable policy inputs

Conduct techno economic social evaluation of solutions plus the suitability of theirs in particular context

Support Impact assessment Studies/ advancement of Research Packages/ Technology Status Reports along with other information needed by various users/ agencies

Upscaling and Replication of technologies/ solutions to reputable scale


This need oriented user centric initiative includes development research in laboratories in addition software research in field. The range of initiative spreads over the whole value chain of R&D right from water oriented applied and basic research, pre naturally competitive technology development, technology based assessment and classification of technology choices, pilot demonstration of technology leads from academic institutions assessment and laboratories of accessible technology alternatives to develop a basket of technology choices and mounting of commercially, socially, eventually and environmentally cost-effective convergent solutions based on evolving,novel and recognized technologies suitable for socio economic context.


Additionally, it envisages to nurture enabling activities like institutional and human capacity building like fellowships for researchers, training of water managers to allow identify and select best technology choice, marketing centers of excellence for water investigation and nurturing nascent water technologies for final mile connectivity etc.


Thrust Areas:

The thrust areas for initiative dynamically evolve based on demand for technology based option from the owners, necessity of R&D inputs by stakeholders, evaluation of S&T needs to allow achieve technology prowess in water sector etc. The thrust areas unique to call for proposals are articulated in call document published on DST site occasionally.



Based on the goals of the activities specified in the call for proposal set in motion every so often, the projects might be suggested by


Specific scientists and academicians working in public/ private/ voluntary sector, S&T based voluntary organisation ;

Academic and R&D Institutions, Enterprises, State Government bodies like S&T Councils, Autonomous bodies doing work in water sector; and Network of individuals/ institutions might be insisted in the event project activities require multi disciplinary multi institutional participation. Many such likely alternatives might consist of research work by academic / R&D institutions in connection with Industry / NGO, demonstration in consortia mode involving R&D institution/industry/NGO, state government line departments, S&T field groups and regional panchayats.

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