How to Clean Your Camera and Equipment?

You will be really conscious that photography gear isn’t inexpensive. In case you are not, you are in for a rude waking up! Camera bodies are able to cost you a huge number of dollars as well as it is not unusual for a lens to become a lot more costly compared to a body! Often it is really appealing to baby the equipment of yours; treat it with additional caution and wrap it in place in cotton wool and so as no damage will come to it.


To be an experienced photographer myself, my gear is frequently governed by a few not-so-camera-friendly circumstances. Although I usually take the proper measures (for instance, I employ rain blankets on for my lenses and cameras in case it is raining) there’s occasions when the circumstances are unavoidable & my gear gets some dirty. It is going to happen. But since I take care of the equipment of mine (even though it might be as I don’t!), it helps to keep on performing and also has not let me down. So I assumed that I will discuss several of my ideas to assist you do maintenance and care on the gear of yours, also.

Supplies needed The great news about taking care of your gear is it is reasonably inexpensive to purchase everything you need. Here’s a summary of what I utilize to take care of the gear of mine.


I’ve only added among these to the kit of mine. At one end there is a little smooth, cleaning tip. I have not yet used it thoroughly but are satisfied with it up to now. Nevertheless, the washing suggestion is very compact so it is not one thing I use on the larger lenses of mine, like a 400mm f/2.8; it will take forever.

These’re just like the refresher towelettes you are able to buy at KFC, however for lenses. They are pre moistened with a lens cleansing solution which quickly evaporates as a result of the lens. They are also dirt cheap. I make use of the Zeiss brand name heels (only people I am knowledgeable of) that for a pack of 200, expense aproximatelly $13.90USD. (Note: furthermore offered by Hoodman specifically for camera lenses)


Microfibre cleaning up cloths: Another cheap should have. I would like having a number of these. I stay away from using similar one across many products, for instance, utilizing the identical apparel to cleanse my iPhone display, then utilizing it to clean the lenses of mine.


From a typical store (non camera tools):
Once again, buy this particular brand new. You do not wish this being very smooth either, as it is simply used on the exterior of the cameras and also lenses rather than on something that has be protected.


Make-up brush: this’s something which folks usually have a laugh at if they view it in the bag of mine. But after that think, “Hey that is a great idea”. When you would like to include 1 to the kit of yours, see to it that you own one brand new. You do not want your partner’s blush heading all around the lens of yours. The one I’ve is retractable, and that is perfect because it protects the brush.

It really works brilliantly, but a fresh towel is going to work just too.

With these things, I’m in a position to keep the lenses of mine as well as camera bodies searching (almost) like brand new. Here is the workflow of mine with regards to cleaning time.


Phase one. Make use of the Rocket Blower
The very first detail is removing some larger pieces of debris, etc., in the lens. For this particular, I make use of the rocket blower. Squeezing it hits air from the point and will blow away bigger, loose pieces of debris, etc. This’s why the Rocket Blower is extremely helpful.

Phase two. Make use of the LensPen

Ideally, the blower was capable to take out all of the particles. Nevertheless, there’s occasions when a few small specs remain. To eliminate these, I make use of the brush on the conclusion of the LensPen. Doing a fast flick of the comb around the lens must do the trick. Right now there should not be a requirement to use very much if any stress at all. This should eliminate all of the debris from the surface area of the lens. You might have to complete a rapid repeat together with the blower, however. When you do not possess a LensPen, making use of a makeup brush functions as well.

When you do not possess a LensPen, making use of a makeup brush functions as well.

Cleanse the glass:

The lens of yours must right now be totally free of other debris and dust. If you have several marks surface area on the lens, this’s when to give it a bit clean. First, do the washing conclusion of the LensPen. It’s really smooth and does not harm the glass at many so it’s perfect for this. With a circular movement, massage your way round the lens before all the marks have been eliminated. This might take a number of passes to achieve. It is essential to stop being enticed to drive on the lens much too hard. Just continue about in a circular manner until it is happy. Give the blower an additional fast go over, also if necessary.If you do not possess a LensPen using a

When you do not possess a LensPen through a completely clean micro fiber cloth will even deliver the results. Simply make use of the exact same circular motion as well as once again, repeating the movements is chosen over using additional pressure.

Step four. Get rid of persistent marks:

After Step three, I’m typically done washing the lens. Step 4 is totally optional, but at times, there’s a little muck on the lens which simply won’t budge; regardless of the number of times it has gone over.

Next I receive a microfibre cloth (generally, another 1 I use only for this purpose) and also provide the lens somewhat of a buff making use of exactly the same circular motion. I will exceed it a couple of occasions.

If it breaks, it is able to leak into the gear of mine and lead to major harm. I also very love their single use quality.

If you are like me and rather a coffee drinker, the breath of yours is able to be somewhat acidic plus with repeated use, it could wear down the coatings on the lens of yours. At least that is what Nikon pointed out some time back within articles I browse through (ps, I am a Canon guy).

Do not overlook the lens cap:

The forward ingredient has become clean. But for me personally, the procedure continues to be not even completed. Before putting the lens cap returned on, I’ve a quick look at it – generally there might be dust and grit on it that’s intending to place back on my freshly cleaned lens.

Step six. Clear the back element:

Today it is time to enjoy a fast look at the back component – the little which goes inside the camera of yours. This should not be far too messy; all things considered, it remains in the camera. But dust particles is able to fall on it, particularly when changing lenses and this also debris, while it might not appear in photographs, will surely make the way of its onto the sensor. Doing this will prevent some debris from falling again on it.


Notice with this particular lens, the back component is extremely near the surface area. Additionally, all those gold bars would be the lens contacts.

Sometimes, I will likewise provide the mount a thoroughly clean up also, and the lens contacts. For this particular, I simply use a Tek Towel, though any fresh towel will do. Carefully clean around the mount and exceed it a few of times. A little quantity of alcoholic beverages holding a cotton tip could be utilized to thoroughly clean the contacts.

Today it is time to make the back cap a rapid go over. Get rid of any dust with all the blower and place it also on the lens.

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