First FSC-affirmed woods in the Russian Caucasus clears path

First FSC-affirmed woods in the Russian Caucasus clears path for supportable timberland the executives

A significant achievement for the practical woodland the board of beech tree backwoods has been accomplished in the Russian Caucasus as the biggest timberland leaseholder of Adygea backwoods, JSC Forest, has been ensured by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The technique was executed in the structure of the WWF-IKEA Partnership and started by IKEA with help of WWF-Russia. The Russian Caucasus is the main region in Russia with beech tree woodland.

FSC accreditation involves that as a base, business logging tasks need to conform to every material law of the nation and global settlements and understandings to which the nation is a signatory. It additionally needs to agree to all FSC Principles and Criteria, including preserving natural decent variety and its related qualities, water assets, soils, and one of a kind and delicate biological systems and scenes, and, by so doing, keep up the environmental capacities and the respectability of the woods.

WWF underpins deliberate woodland affirmation under the FSC plot both comprehensively and in Russia as it forestalls timberland corruption and exhaustion of our planet’s backwoods assets. In excess of 47 million hectares of woods have just been FSC confirmed in Russia, with a first now additionally in the Russian Caucasus.

“FSC confirmation of JSC Forest is a significant stage for advancement of the Adygea woodland industry. It’s a chance to work in new markets and it additionally expands ecological and social duty of ventures. Right now we are thinking about planning other timberland organizations in the Republic of Adygea for FSC confirmation,” said Rashid Belmekhov, Head of Forestry Administration, Republic of Adygea.

Driving concessions towards mindful woodland the executives through FSC-affirmation in the Russian Caucasus began in 2015 as a component of the WWF and IKEA organization on timberlands when backwoods organizations from the Kirov Region previously confirmed got the chance to impart their encounters to concession holders in the Republic of Adygea and Krasnodar locales. As a subsequent stage, biodiversity protection during logging tasks and the ID of High Conservation Value Forests (HCV) became hotly debated issues on the motivation of a few gatherings with nearby ranger service organizations, local ranger service specialists, natural NGOs and FSC affirmation specialists from different districts in Russia. This brought about the biggest woods rent holder of the Republic of Adygea, JSC Forest, entering the FSC-confirmation process in August 2016, upheld by WWF specialized timberland specialists.

“FSC accreditation is a significant instrument for biodiversity preservation in the Russian Caucasus. We might want to see this positive experience applied by other capable woodland organizations in the Republic of Adygea in future,” said Elena Cherkasova, timberland venture organizer at WWF-Russia’s Northern Caucasus Regional Office.

“The Russian Caucasus is a novel backwoods area that has some mind boggling issues. Several uncommon types of verdure can be found here; practically all woods biological systems of the Russian Caucasus have extraordinary environmental worth. Then again, many tree species are monetarily important. For instance, the main regions in Russia where beech develops are the Russian Caucasus and a little region in the Kaliningrad Region. Simultaneously, the Russian Caucasus is in center for some natural associations because of unlawful logging here. It’s exceptionally hard to track down a harmony between social, environmental and financial elements of timberlands in the Russian Caucasus. We accept that FSC accreditation will assist with finding such a trade off and will add to capable woods the executives in the district,” clarified Nikolay Shmatkov, the Director of FSC-Russia.”

“We are satisfied with the effective FSC affirmation in the Republic of Adygea inside the system of the WWF and IKEA association on backwoods. This is the initial step for the execution of economical backwoods the board in southern Russia where bunches of significant tree species develop. The world’s woods are constrained, and we accept that through practical woodland the board the quantity of unlawful logging cases will be diminished, neighborhood economy will be bolstered and new openings will be made”.

Mindful backwoods the board is basic for the assurance of the world’s biological systems, biodiversity preservation and alleviation of environmental change impacts. Our buyers and our representatives are worried about timberland the executives everywhere throughout the world. IKEA is one of the significant wood buyers, we feel liable for it, and we have a chance to positively affect timberland the board. 35 million hectares of woods have just been FSC ensured inside the structure of WWF and IKEA organization on woodlands,” said Konstantin Agapov, Forestry Manager at IKEA Purchasing Services Russia LLC.

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