Essay about technology advantages and disadvantages

The various technology types

Essay about technology advantages and disadvantages

Essay about technology advantages and disadvantages – Analytical Essay

Technology has become a huge component of the culture of ours and also the direct future of ours. There’s very little room for individuals which want to exist with no technology, and fortunately, it’s continually improving at a rate that’s really helped stave off stagnation. Right here I examine the pros and cons of technology

Thesis statement

I feel that for every advantage which technology brings us, additionally, it takes us a disadvantage in the very same period.

Analysis of automobiles on the roads of ours

Other vehicles and cars are being sold and are highly advanced adequate to be safe to be used each day and also to work as a responsible tool to get items and individuals from a single area to the next in a somewhat brief space of time.

The benefits of automobiles are they’re secure which individuals are able to go to really specific locations as per the own schedule of theirs. Individuals don’t need to depend on planes or trains to be able to get to anywhere they wish to go, plus they could tripped at the own time of theirs and show up whenever they want without needing to work close to a train or maybe plane schedule.

The downside is the fact that most kinds of automobile on the highways of ours are polluting the environment and are gradually killing the environment with the addition of to green house gasses which don’t let the sun’s heat to get away from. Often electric automobiles are run by electricity produced by fossil fuels. automobile accidents are additionally an extremely large killer globally and lots of lives are forfeited due to automobile accidents/incidents.

Analysis of Smartphones

They enable individuals to keep in contact, including over long distances, & they’re reliable and safe relatively to work with. You will find products which can speak with additionally in the opposite end of the world and always keeping and getting in contact with others is super easy.

The drawbacks to this’s it indicates individuals will no longer have to meet in person as much, and interpersonal relationships are suffering globally because individuals are talking by way of a a little handheld device. Many individuals have Smartphones and added them practically semi continuously, which includes in public settings as they might be making new friends, discovering new lovers, along with talking/interacting with the present friends of theirs.

Analysis – Efficient and fast Internet access

The benefits are that individuals are able to speak over huge distances allowing it to have use of answers and info to the questions of theirs really fast. The downside would be that the Internet is not moderated in the method in which individuals believe and also a great deal of it’s loaded with outright lies and false information.

Often brand named sites which have a great deal of trust aren’t responsible for what appears on the own websites of theirs. Actually reputable plus recognized news websites have stories which have passed through lots of people’s hands and initially began as lies with 0 accountability during the entire dissemination operation. For instance, that’s precisely why a lot of celebrities are found as dead on news websites if they were truly in existence.


The analysis of mine demonstrates that engineering is a great point, so that’s has the advantages of its, but that with every technical element we acquire down sides in addition to benefits, and lots of times those disadvantages are ignored by technology users.


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