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Quicky’s World – first augmented reality 3D runner game

Nesquik – Nestle

Challenge: Nesquik Powder wanted to bring ‘Quicky’ the brand mascot to life and create a platform that was a constant touch point with their target audience, children aged 6-12 years old. The key objective was to develop a communication platform that educated on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle in a fun and highly interactive way.

Solution: Hand in hand with our partners from the Nesquik Powder brand team, we embarked on a creative journey together to extrapolate and breathe life into the brand’s fundamental values into what is now Quicky’s World – an interactive mobile game that features augmented reality elements developed on both iOs and Android platforms. You know what? Try it for yourself! Search for ‘Quicky’s World’ on your mobile device’s app store or scan the QR-code below and download the game!

Services Rendered: storyboarding, 3D game development, 3D character development and animation, augmented reality, strategic consulting,

Citibank Leap Motion Game


Challenge: Citibank wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to use their recently revamped online banking portal. They also wanted to use new and innovative technologies to convey the message “Banking can be such a thrill” and increase engagement with their stakeholders.

Solution: pixelbug developed the first Leap Motion activation in the MENA region that allowed participants to make a transaction by using only their finger, through an exact replica of Citibank’s online portal. Participants were challenged to finish the transaction in the fastest time possible by using either one of 2 available interaction stations. Participants were then ranked on a consolidated leaderboard where the winner would have the chance of winning a Leap Motion device. Before finishing the challenge, participants were prompted to take a picture. Their face was then automatically cropped to fit a skydiver’s image which could then be shared on social media; driving home the message that “banking can be such a thrill”.

Services Rendered: concept strategy, Leap Motion integration, UI/UX design, 3D modeling and animation, SFX, gamification, photo capture

Sony Live Interactive Augmented Reality Game


Challenge: Sony wanted to showcase their new Xperia flagship phone with its various technological features while also attracting a maximum number of consumers to their stand at Mall of the Emirates over a 10 day activation period.

Solution: pixelbug created a unique interactive live augmented reality experience with actual Sony game characters Ratchet and Clank. Two stations were created where visitors could play simultaneously; a shooting game involving the use of the phone’s swiping feature while the other used its gyroscope to control a space ship. Once a player completed one of the two games within 60 seconds, they were instructed to drop the Sony Xperia phone into a bucket of water to upload their score to a leader-board via the phone’s NFC feature. This action also highlighted the phone’s unique waterproof capabilities. The application kept track of the top 10 scores from both stations and at the end of each day, a Sony Xperia phone was given away as a prize to the top scorer.

Services Rendered: storyboarding, 3D character animation, character rigging, custom game development, setup ochestration, hardware sourcing, on-site support

HSBC Car Lovers’ Lie Detector Test


Challenge: HSBC wanted to generate buzz about their preferential car loan rates in a new and engaging way, while also building an atmosphere of fun and excitement in both Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates

Solution: pixelbug developed a custom lie detector replica test using actual props such as an oximeter and a blood pressure strap. The digital polygraph was designed to display a series of random questions while the interviewer steered the results in a predefined direction. The results were then automatically printed by a thermal printer that the guest could take with them

Services Rendered: creative consulting, UI/UX, custom software programming, hardware sourcing and integration, on-site support

Schick gesture controlled augmented reality shaving app

Schick ME

Challenge: Using innovative technology, Schick ME wanted to maximize customer engagement and organically drive traffic onto their Facebook page

Solution: Using Microsoft’s kinect sensor, we developed facial recognition software that maps a virtual beard onto a users face and allows them to shave in real time using a replica razor. The technology was integrated into an in-mall booth that travelled to all the major malls in KSA and UAE where consumers sat in a barber’s chair and saw themselves on a LCD screen or “virtual mirror”

Services Rendered: Windows OS development, storyboarding, gamefication, project management, augmented reality, 3D modeling & animation, user interface design

Gillette 3D projection mapping

Procter & Gamble

Challenge: For the launch of the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Gold Edition razor, only the extraordinary would do! pixelbug was part of the loop team that worked in close conjunction with P&G; DTC, Saatchi X, Starcom and IPN to develop the concept of the entire campaign

Solution: pixelbug was assigned the task to create a larger than life launch event at the Dubai Mall Ice rink, where a 4D projection mapping combined projection technology, high energy music/SFX and a choreographed ice skating act

Services Rendered: Storyboarding, project management, 3D modeling and animation, 4D projection mapping, SFX integration, hardware sourcing and setup

Boehringer Ingelheim – medical augmented reality app

Boehringer Ingelheim

Challenge: With medical reps out numbering physicians by 40-1in the region, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) wanted an easy yet innovative way to capture the attention of its stakeholders and educate them on the functionalities and mechanisms of a new type of inhaler device called Spiriva Respimat

Solution: pixelbug developed an augmented reality application deployed on iPad that uses intuitive gesture based controls to educate physcian’s on the product’s properties aided by a highly-immersive and interactive user experience

Services Rendered: iOS development, storyboarding, project management, augmented reality, 3D modeling & animation, user interface design, gesture based controls

Dubai Islamic Bank – augmented reality game

Dubai Islamic Bank

Challenge: Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) wanted to create awareness about their Shaatir account to promote the importance of saving early amongst young school children in the UAE aged from 7-14 years old – a highly diversified target audience with notoriously limited attention spans! Children controlled the game through a Shaatir box that they held in their hands to trigger the game. They had to select one of 10 possible dream professions such as pilot, doctor or artist. Children were then prompted to save money by catching falling coins in order to achieve their dream

Solution: Given the high popularity of gaming amongst our target audience in the UAE, we decided to take an “edutainment” approach and developed an augmented reality game using our unique AR-pod to educate on the importance of saving early

Services Rendered: iOS development, storyboarding, project management, gamefication, augmented reality, 3D modeling & animation, SFX integration, user interface design, gesture based controls, AR-pod, bluetooth device integration, XML report generation

Einstein hologram

Mercator (Emirates Group)

Challenge: For their annual customer forum, Mercator, the IT arm of the Emirates Group, wanted to highlight that they are an innovation led company while also adding elements of novelty and entertainment to the conference

Solution: We developed a life-size hologram of Albert Einstein delivering a customized keynote, telling the story of the aviation industry

Services Rendered: Storyboarding, project management, 3D modeling & animation, model rigging, voice synchronization, SFX integration

Ariel augmented reality game

Procter & Gamble

Challenge: Procter & Gamble wanted to introduce Ariel’s new branding to their target audience in an engaging and entertaining way, educating them on the innovative features of Ariel’s micro-boosters

Solution: We developed a highly immersive in-store activation using our proprietary AR-pod to demonstrate these values with a highly immersive augmented reality game

Services Rendered: iOS development, storyboarding, project management, gamefication, augmented reality, 3D modeling & animation, user interface design, SFX integration, Arabization, AR-pod

Pantene augmented reality game

Procter & Gamble

Challenge: Procter & Gamble wanted to educate women on the benefits of using their new Pantene shampoo and expose them to its new look & feel. pixelbug proposed an intimate activation using iPads for women to play an interactive AR game whereby they had to achieve a target to win a goody bag

Solution: we developed an intimate in-mall activation, whereby women had to capture falling Pro-V capsules using an iPad in order to un-lock the next level and learn more about Pantene’s new product. Upon achieving a high-score, the women were awarded a prize and free hair assessment at the mall stand

Services Rendered: iOS development, storyboarding, gamefication, project management, augmented reality, 3D modeling & animation, user interface design, SFX integration

about us

quote We are the crazy ones…we are a passionate group of engineers, developers and creative artists that bridge the gap between advanced technologies and business quote

One of our main advantages is that we offer world class augmented reality technology apps from the hub of the Middle East. pixelbug is a Dubai based company and is composed of a multi-cultural team with international experience.

what we do

In a nutshell, we create awesome augmented reality apps that fuse art with technology. We are dedicated to the development of colorbug, our augmented reality edutainment app that caters to kids between 4 to 10 years old. We have lots of features coming up so make sure you keep checking in!

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Chief Executive Officer
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Dany El Eid who founded the company in 2012. In partnership with the Board, he is responsible for the accomplishment of pixelbug’s vision and mission. He diligently monitors cash flow and enthusiastically builds strong, lasting relations with stakeholders. His role entails handling detailed, complex concepts and problems, balancing multiple tasks simultaneously and making rapid decisions to manage continuity, change and transition. Dany holds a degree in Creative Advertising and Visual Communications from the American University in Dubai.

Chief Technology Officer
managing partner

Denis Kruger oversees the technical direction of the company. Denis leads the company’s research and development and is responsible for driving innovation. A passionate developer and with a keen interest in art and design, he has a knack for blending technology with creativity.
Denis holds Bachelor of Science in Media and Information Technology from the University of Cottbus, Germany.


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